How do I pay for a citation online?

To pay for a parking citation(s), or for more inquiries on your ticket(s) you can search by Citation number, Notice Number, License plate, or VIN. Your citation number can be found on the original ticket or on the Notice for Citation. Once you search for your citation the Citation Information screen will appear where you will have the option to Pay My Citation. You can pay online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

What if I don't have my citation number?

If you do not have your citation number, you can instead look-up citations by vehicle license plate or VIN number. Enter the vehicle license plate number or VIN in the field indicated then click "Search". If you cannot locate your citation on the website and need additional information or are experiencing difficulties accessing the website, please call the phone number on your parking ticket or delinquent notice.

What is the processing fee for online payments?

The processing fee for online citation payments is a service charge (fee) billed on all credit card payments. The amount is listed on the payment screen before checkout. The processing fee is non-refundable.

When I look up my citation on the website, I see the word Error.

An *Error next to your citation means that there is a problem with your citation that is preventing all the information from being displayed to you. Please contact the phone number on your parking ticket or delinquent notice.

Why isn't my parking citation in the Citation Processing Center's system?

If you just received your citation, you will not be able to pay online until it is downloaded to the Enforcement Solution Center's system. Citations are issued using handheld electronic ticket writing equipment and are downloaded within just a few minutes after being issued. Handwritten citations can take several weeks to be entered into the parking citation system.

I’m getting an error when I submit my credit card information. What should I do?

Please enter your credit card information EXACTLY as it appears on the card. Credit card errors usually occur due to problems with the credit card information entered such as an incorrect card number, expiration date or name and billing address. If you continue to experience problems, please call the phone number on your parking ticket or delinquent notice.

Do I get a receipt when I pay for a citation?

A receipt page will be provided once you successfully complete your transaction. Please print the receipt for your records. This receipt will also be emailed to the email address you provided when submitting your personal information.

How long does it take for my payment to reflect in your system?

The citation is updated with your payment as soon the transaction is completed successfully. If you have cause to believe that your transaction was not updated, please call the phone number on your parking ticket or delinquent notice. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THE SAME PAYMENT to ensure that you do not submit a duplicate payment.

I want to contest my citation. Can I contest a citation through the website?

Once you search for your citation number and obtain the Citation Information screen the Contest My Citation option will be available. If you don’t see this as an option, the issuing agency doesn’t accept online requests for contesting. For more information about how to file a review or appeal, please refer to your citation or please call the phone number on your parking ticket or delinquent notice.

My vehicle was sold. Why do I continue to receive parking citations when I no longer own the vehicle?

If you were the registered owner of the vehicle at the time you received the parking citation or notice of delinquent parking, you are responsible for paying the citation. If you did not own the vehicle at the time the parking citation was issued, then it is your responsibility to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles that you sold the vehicle. If the parking citation occurred when you were still the legal owner, you are responsible for that citation even if you have since sold the vehicle.

I received a parking citation but no longer own the vehicle, am I still responsible for the parking citation?

Yes, if you were the registered owner at the time the vehicle was cited, you are responsible. If you can provide proof of your release of liability that is filed with DMV, the citation will be removed and changed over to the new registered owner.

Do I have to pay my citation while I'm waiting for a decision on my appeal?

No. The processing of the citation is suspended until a decision has been made. If your request for cancellation is denied, our response will advise you of a new payment due date.